• Solar Garden Lights
  • Solar Garden Lights


Model No:BL-SGL-02
 Light Power:3×5W
LED Source:COB
Photovoltaic Panel Size: 350×235×17mm
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Solar Garden Lights and Heads Solar Spot Lights

solar garden lights and solar spot lights

solar garden lights and solar spot lights

Solar garden lights is a function of both lighting and landscaping lighting, in town a lot to lighting public can see it. Commonly referred to as Solar garden lights LED lawn mostly.

Advantages of Solar garden lights

Solar garden lights use LED as a light source, LED long life, up to 100,000 hours, low voltage, very suitable for use in Solar garden lights. In particular, LED technology has been a breakthrough in the key, and its characteristics are greatly improved in the past five years, the cost performance has greatly improved. In addition, LED by the low voltage DC power supply, its low cost and light control, so adjust the brightness, frequent switches are possible, and should not adversely affect the performance of the LED. It can also easily control the light color, change the classification of the light, resulting in dynamic mirage, so it is particularly applicable in the Solar garden lights.

Solar garden lights and power system design unique advantages as Solar garden lights, rapid development in recent years. Small Solar garden lights power, mainly in the decoration for the purpose of mobility requirements, the circuit laid difficulties, the venue for the high water requirements. These make the solar powered lawn show many unprecedented advantages.

solar garden lights and solar spot lights

solar garden lights and solar spot lights

Solar energy as an emerging green energy, with its unparalleled advantages in the rapid application. As a fourth generation light source in the city lighting and landscaping, street lighting, garden lighting, indoor lighting and lighting and other applications in various fields has been effectively utilized. Especially in remote areas without electricity, solar lighting and a more broad application prospects. Most people believe that energy-saving lamps can save energy 4/5 is a great initiative, but also energy saving lamp LED than 1/4, which is a great innovation of solid light. In addition, LED also has a high-quality light, almost no radiation, reliable and durable, very low maintenance costs and other advantages, typical of the green lighting. The successful development of ultra-bright LED, greatly reducing the cost of solar lighting to make it at or near the beginning of the offer cost-frequency AC lighting system installed, and protect the environment, ease of installation, operation security, economic and energy saving. Due to the high efficiency LED light has a low heat advantage, it has been increasingly used in the lighting field, and showing a trend to replace traditional lighting. In western China, non-trunk solar lights, solar garden lights become the size. With the vigorous development of Solar garden lights, the “green light” will become a trend.

Advantages and application of Solar garden lights

Solar garden lights main advantages of safety, energy saving, convenient, and environmental protection. Green grass for residential community beautification lighting decorations, park landscaping lawn ornament.

solar garden lights and solar spot lights

The use of Solar garden lights composite systems several problems

(1) light sensors. Solar garden lights needs light control switch, designers often use photoresistor to automatically switch lights, solar cell itself is actually an excellent photosensors, optical switches do with it, better than the photosensitive resistance characteristics. For use only one 1.2VNi-Cd batteries for solar lawn lights, solar module consists of four sheets of solar cells in series, low voltage, lower voltage under low light, and even days without black voltage has fallen below 0.7V, resulting in light control switch malfunction. In this case, just add a transistor direct-coupled amplification, can solve the problem.

(2) according to the battery voltage level control load size. Solar garden lights can be maintained continuous rain often demanding time, which increases system cost. We reduce the battery voltage falls consecutive rainy LED access number, or reduce the emission time of Solar garden lights every day, so that we can reduce the system cost.

Advantages and characteristics of Solar garden lights

(3) solar cell package. At present package of solar cells There are two main lamination and Epoxy. Lamination process can ensure the solar battery life of more than 25 years, Epoxy though it was beautiful, but the solar battery life only 1–2 years. Therefore, 1W power Solar garden lights below the small, in the absence of the high life requirement, you can use the dispensing package, there are provisions for the useful life of the Solar garden lights, we recommend using the laminated package.

(4) varying light flashes. Fade-in fade-out is a good way to saving one hand, it can increase the effect of solar irradiation garden lights, on the other hand can be controlled by varying the duty cycle of the battery blinking average output current, extended system operating time, or under the same conditions, can be reduced Solar power costs will fall significantly.

(5) Three-color color energy efficient lamps switching speed. This problem is very important, it even determines the service life of Solar garden lights, up to 10-20 times the starting current three-color color energy efficient lamps started, the system in such a large withstand voltage current situation may have dropped substantially, Solar garden lights not start or start again until the damage.

(6) boost circuit efficiency and impact of LED lights. Small power Solar garden lights generally boost circuit, if the oscillation circuit, inductor boost. Inductor using standard color code inductors, standard color code inductor using an open magnetic circuit, a large loss of flux, so low circuit efficiency. If closed circuit inductor boost manufacturing, such as magnetic, boost circuit efficiency will be greatly improved. Characteristics of LED close to the Zener diode, operating voltage 0.1V, operating current may vary approximately 20mA. For security, under ordinary circumstances the use of a series current limiting resistor, great energy loss is obviously not suitable for Solar garden lights, and LED brightness varies with the operating voltage, and must automatically limit, otherwise it will damage the LED. General LED peak current 50-100mA, anti-reverse battery or battery energy load, is likely to exceed this limit peak voltage is too high when the booster circuit, damaged LED.

Solar Garden Lights 3 Heads Solar Spot Lights

Light Power: 3×5W
LED Source: COB
LED Color: 3000K-6500K / RGB
Photovoltaic Panel Size: 350×235×17mm
Photovoltaic Panel power: 6V, 12W polycryatalline silicon
Battery capacity: 4Ah, 3.2V, lithium iron phosphate
Driver: Automatic time control brightness
Control time: Lighting control, remote control
Charging Time/ Working Time: Charging time > 5 hrs, Working Time >12 hrs

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    This solar street light exceeded all expectations for the price. Installed in January when the days are short and the nights are long. Even on overcast days the solar panel will top the battery off. Automatically comes on at dusk and goes off at sunrise.

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