solar street light

1. Types of solar street lightsSolar street lamps can be divided into integrated solar street lights and integrated solar street lamps.

The integrated solar street lamp has compact design and modern appearance. It houses solar panels, charging controllers, batteries and LEDs in a single unit. These solar street lamps are usually equipped with motion control sensors, which automatically turn on at night.

The motion control sensor uses infrared waves to detect any motion under the street lamp. Whenever there is movement, the lamp lights up to provide maximum brightness, and sometimes when there is no movement, the lamp lights up only 10-20% of its brightness. In this way, the motion sensor can ensure higher efficiency and increase the working hours of street lamps. It also increases the life of the lamp.

Integrated solar street lamps, also known as split solar street lights, are equipped with separate solar panel units, while batteries and street lamps are integrated into one unit. These solar street lamps have no motion detection sensors. However, there are two different types to choose from.

The first one provides 100% brightness from dusk to dawn, while the second one provides 100% brightness in the first four hours, and then lowers the level until sunrise. In this article, we have included all the best solar street lamps on the market in one and integrated solar street lamps on our list.

2. Lighting area

Lighting area is one of the most important considerations when purchasing solar street lights. It will depend on your requirements, such as whether you want a street lamp in a narrow street or a wide street. Solar street lamps are used not only for street lighting, but also for public street lighting, park lighting, sidewalk lighting, farm and pasture lighting, surrounding safety lighting, wharf lighting, fence lighting and residential property lighting.

In order to get the best results, it is recommended that you keep the pole distance of 10 to 15m, so as to have enough light distribution. In addition, ensure that the area where the light source is installed receives enough sunlight and is not covered by tall buildings and branches.

3. Battery life

This is one of the most important factors affecting the performance of solar street lamps. When purchasing solar street lamps, ensure that the products use lithium ion batteries with good capacity. In addition, pay attention to the types of batteries used. SMF batteries are not very good and must be avoided. The best choice is solar street lamp with LiFePO4 battery. Otherwise, just stick to the lithium ion battery.

4. Waterproof

Because solar street lamps are always placed outdoors, it is normal for them to face bad weather conditions. One of the factors affecting any electrical equipment is rain. Therefore, please make sure that the solar street lamp you purchased is waterproof.

There are usually three waterproof certification standards for solar street lamps. They are represented by IP levels. Products with protection grade IP55 can prevent dust and water jet from 6.3mm nozzle. IP65 grade products, on the other hand, can protect themselves from various water jets. An IP66 grade product can protect itself from powerful water jets and an IP67 grade product can prevent underwater immersion of 1 meter deep.

Solar Street Light

solar street light


Question 1. How long can solar lamps last?

The life of solar street lights depends on the quality of batteries, LED lamps and other used parts. Ordinary lithium ion batteries need to be replaced every two years. However, the new and superior lithium iron phosphate battery can last up to 8 years. Some of the best solar street lamps we review in this article are related to lithium iron phosphate batteries.

Question 2. Can solar lamps be used in winter?

Yes, solar lamps can be used in winter. In fact, they can work every season. The only prerequisite is to have enough sunshine to charge the battery. Therefore, backups in winter are usually lower than those in summer.


Solar street lamps are innovative products because they help to reduce carbon emissions and society’s dependence on non-renewable energy. However, considering the various choices and numerous technical specifications in the market, it may be a bit tricky to buy solar street lamps.

Therefore, in this article, we provide you with a detailed solar street lamp buyer’s guide, so that you can choose the best solar street lamp according to your own preferences and needs.