Factors to be considered in purchasing solar street lights

solar street light

1. Types of solar street lightsSolar street lamps can be divided into integrated solar street lights and integrated solar street lamps.

The integrated solar street lamp has compact design and modern appearance. It houses solar panels, charging controllers, batteries and LEDs in a single unit. These solar street lamps are usually equipped with motion control sensors, which automatically turn on at night.

The motion control sensor uses infrared waves to detect any motion under the […]

All in One Integrated Solar Street Lights

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Solar Panel,Led Lighting,Battery integrated/all in one
The Design looks beautiful,Cost down the products size,weight ,and the total package cost ,that will cost down the shipping cost  up to 60% .
Solar Powered ,Cost the power ,no need any wiring power, every year save power up to 200KW/H per street lights,and also saving the wiring cost .
The Solar Panel from 10W-150W, the Led lighting now from 5W-60W are available,enough for the street lighting and garden lighting use.
There is a sensors,body infrared sensors,when there […]

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