• Solar street lights all in one 20W SMD
  • Solar street lights all in one 20W SMD


Model No:BL-SLT-203A
LED Chip Power:SMD5730 48PCS
LED Source:6V, 7W Monocryatalline silicon
Photovoltaic Panel power:5Ah, 3.2V, 32650 lithium iron phosphate
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All in one solar street lamp 20W

all in one solar street lamp 20w

all in one solar street lamp 20w

Solar outdoor lights all-in-one design, easy installation, no wiring required.

Powered by solar enerty, rechargeable via sunshine, energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

Built-in light sensor, automatically light up with 30% brightness at dusk, turn off at dawn.

Built-in PIR motion sensor, regulates light automatically with 100% brightness when motion detected 30s delay time, the lamp will lasts for about 30 seconds when motion ceased, then turn to dim light.

Waterproof IP65 shell, made of high-impact ABS which can withstand snow, rain and other weather conditions.

The use of human body infrared sensor control technology, energy storage during the day, high brightness when human comes, dim when nobody around. The LED lights will work at night automatically. The smart sensor module controls the working status of the lamps. The full power lighting mode is provided when the person comes. The energy saving mode is provided when the person leaves. The factory default working mode: light on at night, light off at day automatically. (You can also customize the working mode according to the customer’s requirements).

The use of die-casting special fasteners, humanized adjustable angle of 30°-150°according to the use of project areas in different latitude and longitude countries.

Battery charge and discharge cycle 2000 times, the company has professional battery burn-in equipment test after 24 hours then assembly production, greatly reducing the product failure rate in the using process, we do each detail is to improve product quality and minimize the failure rate.

Controller with PIR sensor in one design also dismountable, easy to maintain.

Electronic switch instead of traditional button, avoid some issues because of the traditional switch flick automatically on transportation. Die-casting design, the manufacturing process is more delicate, the appearance is more exquisite, the function is more powerful.

All in one solar street lamp 20W Installation Guide

1) Choose the best location for lighting to make the base of the pole firstly, the pole is recommended to use the height of 5-9 meters, the upper diameter of 60-110mm, the thickness of pole is greater than 2.3mm outdoor anti-rust paint iron or hot dip galvanized steel pipe material.

(2) Open the package and check whether the accessories are complete.

(3) Before installing, adjust the angle according to you need to set, and use a special plug to fix the position of the lamp cap and fasteners before continuing to tighten the screws.

(4) The integrated lamp and the lamp post are fixed to each other, and it is necessary to tighten the hoop with screws.

(5) After confirming that the screw is fully tightened between the lamp and the lamp post, press the switch on the rear of the lamp and stand up the pole, then the lamp will work automatically. light on at night, light off at day automatically.

If you are looking for 60w All in one Solar Led Street Light in China, you are in the right factory.

Brilliant Lighting is a reliable manufacturer of 20watt all in one integrated solar street light, solar led lighting fixtures.

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All in one solar street lamp 20W

Materials: ABS
Dimension: Φ620×240×54mm
Light Power: 20W
LED Source: SMD5730 48PCS
LED Color: 3000K/4000K/6500K
Photovoltaic Panel Size: 187×301mm
Photovoltaic Panel power: 6V, 7W Monocryatalline silicon
Battery capacity: 5Ah, 3.2V, 32650 lithium iron phosphate
Driver: Automatic time control brightness
Control time: Lighting control, Sensor control, remote control
Charging Time/ Working Time: Charging time > 6 hrs, Working Time >10 hrs

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    The street lights are very bright and light up a large area have them hooked up to dusk to dawn and work very well.

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    This solar street light exceeded all expectations for the price. Installed in January when the days are short and the nights are long. Even on overcast days the solar panel will top the battery off. Automatically comes on at dusk and goes off at sunrise.

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